Stendhal Review 2016: Festival of Art

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Stendhal you beauty, you did not let me down! I have been looking forward to researching this Stendhal review blog post all summer! It was only last year I discovered that Northern Ireland even had family friendly festivals, so when the team at Stendhal invited me along to their family camping weekend experience, I knew I had to go.

Stendhal Camping

Stendhal Glamping

Car Stendhal

To be honest, this post is mostly going to be about the photo’s, because I doubt I could explain Stendhal to you in words. So I’ll let the photo’s tell the story, and I’ll give you some tips and opinions from our family along the way.


Firstly, and perhaps most obviously, make sure you are prepared for mud and rain. Waterproofs and wellies are essential; for the children at least.

Stendhal Changing Facilities

The team at Stendhal really do make an effort to be family friendly though. Dedicated portaloo’s, changing facilities, breastfeeding areas, and I even saw a small supplies of extra clothing and wellies which had been donated for anyone who needed them!

Stendhal 2

As we were camping, we brought food for breakfast and lunch, and then bought our evening meal from the festival vendors.

Stendhal 1

Stendhal Annans Arch

Also make sure you lift a map on your way in, and read it! The festival is spread out and lots of cool little sections are hidden away. I totally missed the Woodtown section until late on Saturday night, which I was kicking myself for! However, as a family we loved exploring and finding new sights around every corner.

Stendhal knitted trees

Stendhal Prosecco Bar

There was loads for the kids to do, yet we never felt rushed. Sadly we missed some of the events we planned to attend on the Friday night. The queues for the car park, security, and the length of time it took to to carry all our stuff to the campsite, meant we didn’t get to explore until after 7pm – although we arrived at 3pm. Our suggestions to organisers is to let families arrive earlier. Our tip to festival goers is take something to carry your stuff. A wheelbarrow, buggy, trolley – anything that you don’t mind getting muddy! That was our biggest regret!

Stendhal Sensory board Stendhal Making Boats Stendhal Kids Crafts Stendhal Kids

Of course, Stendhal is predominantly about music, and we saw our fair share of that too!

Stendhal Paddy NAsh and the Happy Enchiladas Stendhal Singing

Stendhal bubbles

Stendhal drums Stendhal Festival audienceStendhal band

The children, who perhaps weren’t as interested in the bands, found an ingenious way of entertaining themselves, and straw fights became a rather prevalent feature of the festival!

Stendal Hay Fight 3 Stendhal kids Hay Fight Stendhal Hay Fight Stendhal 2

And when they had enough of that, we found something else for the kids to do!

Stendhal Discovery Play 2 Stendhal Crafts Stendhal Discovery Play Boat Race Stendhal 1

Most of the children’s activities were free, and the staff were all great with the kids. A few more pictures…

Stendhal Fairy Garden Stendhal Kids Stendhal Chair 1 Stendhal Woodtown

Puppet Stendhal

Stendhal Cuddle Puddle

If this Stendhal Review hasn’t convinced you that this festival is family friendly, then I have just one more thing to show you. I made a little video, which is not my strong point, but music is such a big part of the experience, I wanted to share some of it with you, while you take a little walk around with my family and I.

Honestly, I think I am still on cloud nine! We had the most fantastic time and we hope to be back again!       #LoveStendhal







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