Clementsmount Fun Farm

I have been wanting to go to Clementsmount Fun Farm for a while now. Their website looks great and shows lots of fun activities within the grounds. The weather was dry and sunny so off we set.

It is set in the grounds of an old farmhouse not far from Nutts Corner roundabout and was easy to find, with plenty of space for parking. After paying the entrance fee the first thing that caught Lewis’ eye was the faux milking cow. He immediately perched on the little stool and tried his hardest to extract some milk from the plastic udders!

Contented with that, we went to explore around the little outhouses which were situated around the farm yard. The first one contained an indoor climbing frame, trampoline, playhouse, and lots of board games. I thought this was quite a good idea in the event of a shower of rain. Thankfully the rain didn’t make an appearance so we swiftly moved on.

Further down there was a shed with lots of baby animals. There were rabbits, goats and even a little hedgehog. Lewis was so timid while holding the rabbit. I’ve never seen him so quiet. It made me wonder if perhaps it wouldn’t be a good investment for our house, though I doubt the effect would last long!

clementsmount farm

At Clementsmount fun farm they have several ponies, and short pony rides are available at additional cost. Lewis has never been on a horse or pony before and I thought he would be too scared, but he wasn’t. His wee face lit up when he took a gentle walk on Dolly.

There was also a large area set up for go-karts, and a smaller area adjacent to this with smaller ride on toys for younger children. Lewis loves these type of toys, so we spent a good amount of time here, though he did have to upgrade to the larger karting area when the small one was intruded upon by Pete the Peacock! I’m not sure if there was an upper age limit for the go-karts, but Mr C couldn’t resist the temptation to race his son. Lewis won – naturally!

clementsmount farm

At the front of the farm house there was an area for playing football, and a small playground, where Aaron was able to have a little play. There was a crazy golf course as well. I was a little disappointed that it too had an additional cost, but Lewis enjoyed it none the less. We weren’t given a time limit on the hire of the golf club, so although it may have been against the rules, we all had a go. I’m pretty sure I was the winner although Mr C debates this!

clementsmount farm

One of the most popular attractions was the giant jumping pillow. On the day we went it was supervised which was good and meant that people of similar ages were using it at one time. They even kicked the kids off for 5 minutes to let the adults have a go! I don’t know what age Mr C thinks he is, but thankfully it didn’t result in a trip to A&E this time!

clementsmount farm

Worn out we decided a cup of coffee was in order. The outside picnic area is right beside the play area so it is very convenient for the adults to grab a cuppa while the kids play. There were a selection of hot meals and tray bakes available as well, though we didn’t try these. The service was a bit slow, but you could tell it was a family business, and they were trying to achieve a lot with the facilities they had.

It is not a purpose built fun farm, they have obviously adapted the facilities they had available, and done a pretty good job. The staff were all really friendly, and there were lots of them around should you have needed assistance.

We missed out on trying the train, though it also had an additional cost, so this was a financial decision. I think some of the extras could have been included in the price. Or they could have provided children with a token in their entrance fee, to control numbers.

Overall, we had a really good time. Lewis loves all thing farm and animal related so this type of facility really suits us. I’m sure we will be back, Lewis wants to take his friends!






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