Day Trip to Blair Drummond Safari Park with P&O

This summer I was super excited to go on a day trip to Blair Drummond Safari Park in Scotland. To be honest I didn’t realise that P&O provided these trips from Larne until someone told me! On finding out I knew I had to go, especially at the bargain price of £28 per adult and £25 per child. (Prices/sailings valid June 2014 and may no longer be available)

After leaving Scotland in frenzy last year, I welcomed the opportunity to return, especially as Blair Drummond is one of my absolute favourite places to go in Scotland. I used to live quite near there which meant I could also catch up with some old friends!

Larne to troon

The two hour sailing passed quite quickly, helped along by the on-board children’s entertainer provided during the summer months. In Troon we boarded the designated bus which took us to Blairdrummond. The bus did a tour of the safari first, but I opted to skip this part, as I knew I could see most of the attractions from the grounds.

As I said, I love Blairdrummond. There is something about the atmosphere of the park which just feels so welcoming and a little bit like ‘home’ to me. Perhaps because I spent so much time there with Lewis when he was younger? Sadly, (for me), he didn’t really remember it, and he had also lost some of the connection he had with some of his old playmates who came to visit him. After spending months worrying about the huge transition Lewis went through moving to Northern Ireland, it would appear he has now almost forgotten his Scottish start! However I got to have a blether with some of my old friends, which was lovely, even if too brief by far!

I am not going to list the extensive attractions and activities available, as Blair Drummond have a great website doing just that,  but here is a little collage of some of my favourites!

day trip to Scotland

At the end of the day it was time to head back to the coach for the return leg of the journey. I enjoyed the views of the Wallace Monument and Stirling Castle as we headed South. Views that I have spent the last 14 years with. It is a little sad to think it may be a long time until I see them again!

Scotland was good to me. I had a successful career, before meeting my husband and bringing two little boys into this world. I had some wonderful opportunities and met some amazing people during my time there. At least now I know I can always go back for a day, if I need a little reminder!

I was slightly concerned that a day trip to Blair Drummond Safari Park was perhaps going to be a bit much with two young children. I knew it was going to be a long day.  Luckily lots of my family came along as well to help keep Lewis and Aaron entertained on the journey. I have to say, my boys did me proud, and I couldn’t have asked for them to have been better behaved. I absolutely recommend this trip to anyone in Northern Ireland, with or without children!

You can find more details on the P&O website.

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  • Looks like a great visit. It is always easier with other family around on long days like this, taking it in turn to entertain!

  • What a lovely day out, it looks as if you all had a wonderful day, lovely photo’s #sharewithme

  • Jenny says:

    Wow sounds amazing. I love the photo of wild animals in transit. Framer! So cute. Animals are great for entertaining kids. I took Buba to the zoo when he was too young to fully enjoy it I can’t wait till MM is a little older and they both can enjoy it together so much!!! Safari park sounds amazing wish we had one near us. I will have to check it out. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  • This looks like a great place to visit. There are a couple of safari parks near us in the Midlands but we have yet to visit any of them. I guess we really should though as my two love going to the zoo!. x #sharewithme

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