Bangor Easter Parade

By a chance of fate we found ourselves 10 miles outside Bangor on Easter Monday, and knowing it’s reputation as a seaside town I suggested we take a little drive to see what we could find. Had I known they had an Easter fun day in full swing, I would have been more prepared. As it was we spent about an hour stuck in traffic trying to find a parking space. Not the best start, but we were determined to have a good time! We fought our way through the jostling crowds down to the quieter harbour. Having never been here before I have to say the scene was beautiful. I could have been standing on a pier in France, had I not known better.

bangor bangor

There was a row of candy striped stalls lining one side of the harbour, selling crafts and a selection of hot food for all cuisines. I think even the stall holders were caught out by the mass of people attending though. Some were packing up as they had sold out! They had a mini fairground by the harbour where Lewis grinned as he was spun round and round on the carousel.


We were in time to catch the parade as it meandered through the town. Through the crowds we caught glimpses of those participating, and I managed to catch a few snaps on my camera.

bangor northern ireland

The crowds thinned out a little after this, so we headed off to see the Motorcross show. We watched as the riders balanced precariously and drove over, a lego themed course. Lewis was transfixed. He loves most vehicles and could watch them for hours! Nervous about spending another hour in the car to exit the town we decided to stay for dinner. We found a restaurant called Papa Joes on a side street, and thankfully they managed to find a table for us. We had a delicious meal, and luckily Aaron was able to help me with my massive portion of lasagne.

papa joes bangor

Despite the crowds we all had a good time. I’m just sorry that we didn’t get to explore the town further. We will have to return to discover what else Bangor has to offer!


  • creative pixie says:

    Did you not make it round to Pickie Fun Park, it’s round the other end of the harbour? We’re hoping to get there at some point this weekend to go on to the Pickie Puffer (little steam train) 🙂

  • Life at the Little Wood says:

    Gorgeous pics Mel! We love Bangor, and that whole coastline in general! There’s a brilliant pottery place called Eden Pottery near Donaghadee. Have you been there? Our kids love making their own masterpieces! Looks like you had a really fun day out. Such a lovely post xx

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