A visit to Giant’s Causeway

Giant's Causeway

This summer we created a wish list of things to do. For the kids, a visit to Giant’s Causeway was a pretty high priority! I have told them the story of the giant Finn McCool, and the myth of how the Causeway once acted as a path between Scotland and Ireland. Yet to go and explore, and look for evidence of giant footprints, is a whole lot more exciting than just listening to the story.

We visited Giant’s Causeway on a weekday in August, and it was great to see just how many tourists from around the world come to visit our own little slice of mystery and wonder. Parking and entry to the visitor centre are chargeable, and you can find the the prices on the National Trust website. However, if like us, you don’t necessarily want to access the visitor centre, you can explore the area on foot for free. You will need to park elsewhere though. We choose to have drinks in the Causeway Hotel. Spending £5 meant we were able to use their car park as a base for our day out.

Once parked, if not using the visitor centre, you can walk along the side of the building to access the path leading to the stones. The path is moderately steep but there are also buses, which you can pay to transport you to the stones.

On reaching the hexagonal stones, everyone had to join in the climbing fun.

giants causeway

Once you have finished exploring, you have to get back up the hill. You can walk up the path, or take the bus. Alternatively, if you continue past the Giant’s Causeway stones, there is a path which zig zags up the cliff face, before ending in a steep flight of steps to the top. Taking this route, it’s about a circular 2 mile walk back to the car park.

It’s not for those with mobility issues, but if you can do it, there’s a great view from the top!

cliffs giants causeway
Cliff top Giants Causeway

As someone on instagram told me; difficult paths can lead to beautiful destinations!

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