A Day in Portrush

As promised I have put together a little post featuring some of my favourite moments from my time in Portrush over the Easter holidays. Portrush is a beautiful seaside town, and a very popular destination for local people, and tourists, to visit. Like most places, it is definitely improved by sunshine, and I was lucky enough to have plenty of that on my visit!

Portrush beach Cafe 55 Bistro

Unlike the neighbouring resort of Portstewart just along the coast, Portrush beach and town are much more convenient to each other. So it much easier to park at the beach and then stroll into town for a coffee, or vice versa! Not that it would be necessary to do so, as both the West and East Strand beaches are usually catered to by an Ice Cream van!

Ice Cream van


If it is a good cup of coffee you are craving, I suggest bob & berts artisan coffee shop! They are a fast growing company which now have 5 branches. If you see one, I recommend calling in!

bob and berts artisan coffee

bob and berts Portrush


Of course some people crave excitment. If you are a fan of water sports, then you will certainly not be alone on the North Coast. If, like me, you would rather keep your feet on dry ground, then you have to try Barry’s Amusement arcade! As a child, I loved this place. The bright lights, the prizes to be won. The dodgems, carousel and ghost train! As an adult, my vision is not so rose tinted, but my boys are being drawn in just like I was. You can’t go to Portrush and not visit Barry’s. You just can’t! And, it’s a good place to keep dry on a rainy day!

Barry's Amusement's Portrush

On a sunny day the kids might prefer a bit of a splash in the outdoor adventure playground.

Pool Portrush Northern Ireland


While the adults just kick back and enjoy the view!

Portrush beach view

Portrush is one of my go to places. I love to take the kids and enjoy all this town has to offer! It is quite seasonal, and in the Winter the town can be very quiet. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing! Sometimes quiet, is a very good thing indeed!


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