A Day at Portstewart Strand

It is no secret that I love Portstewart Strand. Two miles of soft golden sand, managed by the National Trust. Undoubtedly, my love of this beach is in part due to the happy memories I have of playing here as a child. There was nothing better than packing up the car with a picnic and heading to the beach for the day. Now, I am thrilled to be able to do the same for my children! And sometimes we even manage to stay for a few days!

We usually arrive via Portstewart town, where we stop for an ice cream. The Morelli’s versus Maud’s dilemma prevails for some. For me, it’s Maud Pooh Bear ice cream. Every time! Fifty percent of people disagree with me.*

(*On this issue. 100% of people disagree with me about other things, at least some of the time.)

Mauds versus Morelli's Ice Cream

Then it’s off to the beach, and the stunning views it provides!

Portstewart town, pictured from the beach


Portstewart beach Northern Ireland

The sand is firm enough for cars to park up until a point, and then behind that it is soft, squishy, and fabulous!

Portstewart Strand Northern Ireland

The beach is banked by sand dunnes, which you could just get lost in for hours at a time!

Portstewart Strand beach Northern Ireland

Or, you can always go for a swim in the sea if you are brave enough! (Lots of people do.) The coast is very popular for water sports, but for those of us who are usually more grounded. The water is freezing! I’m not sure if the lifeguard’s would come and warm you up or not!

Lifeguards Portstewart


Luckily, I have my own wee superhero to give me cuddles!


Of course there is nothing wrong with just sitting and enjoying the view!

Portstewart Strand Deck Chairs


Until the sun starts to go down, and then all vehicles are asked to leave the beach. Which is no easy task when it looks like this!

Sunset at Portstewart

I am very lucky to be within an hour’s drive of Portstewart, and can pretty much go any time I like. Although, I would just like to point out that living in a small country like Northern Ireland, an hour is actually a very long way to travel! It’s worth it though. It’s definitely worth it!

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