Things to Do With Old Baby Clothes

Recently I have been trying to think of things to do with old baby clothes. I have given some to charity. I have sold some. But there are some I have kept. I adore the  idea of turning them into something else to keep and cherish in years to come. Of course, if you are looking for creative ideas, such as things to do with old baby clothes, there is one obvious place to go – Pinterest.  And that is just what I did! Here is a list of my favourite crafts using old clothes.

5 Things To Do With Old Baby Clothes

1. Make a Birthday Banner. Either in the traditional rectangular bunting style, or by cutting out fabric shapes and making letters to read the message of your choice.

2. Make fabric photo frames. You could make these in any shape or pattern of design you like. I love the idea of having my boys baby photos displayed in frames of their old clothes!

3. Make a Christmas stocking. This is a simpler version of the patchwork quilt. I love patchwork quilts but as a novice there is no way I would attempt such a large project. A small patchwork Christmas Stocking might just be manageable though.

4. There seems to be a bit of a craze for patchwork bears at the minute. Something I hadn’t heard of until a few weeks ago and now I am seeing them everywhere! So cute, yet, probably a little tricky for me personally.

5. Make some abstract room art. Circles, squares,  triangles, whatever you fancy. If the material is good quality this could definitely add some character to your child’s room.

Crafts with old baby clothes

Of course, if you are struggling to visualise these ideas then you can head over to my Pinterest Board where I have started collecting these ideas and tutorials on how to do them. And if you follow me there, you can keep up as I find more ideas.

Have you come across or come up with any novel ideas for things to do with old baby clothes? I would be interested to hear them!


  • MR C says:

    I thInk you’d be ok at the patch work bear, and with Halloween coming up it could always be a patchwork scary thing !!!!

    Alternatively I’ll take them with me next time, it’s freezing up in Inverness lol #didn’tbringenoughwarmclothes

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