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Strawberry Jam Filled Ice Cream Cone Cup Cakes

Jam Filled Ice Cream Cone Cup Cakes

Last week I was challenged with providing something for the bake stall at the school fair. I wanted something a little bit different which would help to get everyone in the mood for summer. I decided to make some strawberry jam filled ice cream cone cup cakes.

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Cadbury Mini Creme Egg Make-Over

Decorate Cadbury Mini Creme Egg

Give a Cadbury Mini Creme Egg a Make-Over? Why would anyone do such a thing? I know, I know – those little guys are pretty fab, just the way they are. However, if you can make something better by adding sprinkles then why not?

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pear crumble recipe with ice cream

Pear Crumble Recipe

Everyone knows the good old fashioned classic that is apple crumble, but I have a contender – Pear Crumble. I think I was pregnant the first time I made this. Too lazy to go to the shop, but craving something sweet, a rummage around my cupboards resulted in this pear crumble recipe.

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Easter dessert nest

Chocolate Orange Ice Cream Easter Nest

I came up with this idea for a Chocolate Orange Ice Cream Easter Nest recipe while trying to think of good ideas for making edible straw.  I envisaged candied fruit peel as the straw and decided that I would try to make a cold dessert which could be enjoyed by all the family.

I decided on a chocolate cup filled with vanilla ice-cream, topped with orange sauce and decorated with candied orange peel and chocolate eggs.

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how to make edible straw

How to make edible straw for Easter

If you are wondering how to make edible straw for your Easter baking activites then you have come to the right place. I was wondering that too! After searching high and low online and racking my brain cells here are a list of all the methods I can come up with for how to make edible straw or something to resemble a nest!

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