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Rumpelstiltskin, a Living Room Update, and Life as a Working Mum

Hello there. Can you believe it is December? Suddenly all the protests of , “It’s too early for Christmas”, turn into blind panic that there is in fact, not enough time now! I know that is how I feel. A few weeks ago I took on a seasonal job in a retail store, and that has definitely impacted on my ability to achieve anything else. I am enjoying it though. I have never worked in a retail environment before so it has taken me a moment to find my feet, but that is all part of the reason I took the job. That, and the fact that if ever there is a time a cash injection is welcome, it has to be around Christmas.

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12 Ways Being a Mum is Like Being a University Student.

12 ways being a mum is like being a student

When I attended University I thought it would prepare me for my working life. I thought it would be the foundations of a fabulous career. What I didn’t know was that it would also prepare me for Motherhood, as some of the experiences are incredibly similar. Here are 12 ways being a mum is like being a University student.

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Cake for Breakfast?


I am often told that I, “Say it as it is.” Or that I, “Call a spade a spade.” And in truth, I do. Well, what else am I supposed to call it? As I have become older, and perhaps a little wiser, I have learned at times it is better to say nothing at all. Or, as a friend of mine recently put it, to deliver a ‘shit sandwich’. In other words, if you are going to say something you know the recipient won’t like, at least lead up to it and follow it with something nice:

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Life Lately – featuring Yogland Belfast

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Hello there! I’ve had an unplanned absence from my blog this week, but I thought I better let you know what’s been going on in my life lately, since I won’t make it to Little Loves this Friday.

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How to Declutter on a Grand Scale


Moving house four times in as many years was a good eye opener as to just how much stuff Mr C and I had accumulated over the years! I was beginning to wonder if I was a hoarder! What we really needed to know was how to declutter on a grand scale! Only we insisted on moving our stuff from country to country and only skimming a little off the top with each subsequent house. Usually to make room for more stuff, or to replace the stuff we couldn’t find that was still packed in boxes!

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