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Spring fashion

Spring Style Wish List

Last week I shared with you some of my recent shopping buys and today I thought I would show you some of the outstanding items on my Spring Style wish list. Much as I love my wee country, it sure can be hard to know what to expect from the weather at this time of year. I’m still reeling from the fact we had snow just last week!

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TK maxx handbag

Favourite Recent Spring Shopping Buys

Hello hello! A little bit of a different post from me today, I have decided to share with you some of my favourite recent spring shopping buys. The last few years most of my cash has gone on bricks and skirting board so it has been really lovely to splash out on a few items for myself. I also had a birthday recently, so some items were gifts from family and friends.

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Folic Acid: Fact versus Fiction


Folic Facts

Folic acid is for all sexually active woman of child bearing age! Fact.

You are not planning to become pregnant so you do not need to take folic acid? Fiction.

Half of all pregnancies in Northern Ireland are unplanned. You might think an unplanned pregnancy couldn’t happen to you, but most contraceptives are only 99% effective. It could happen!

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Lemon Body Scrub

If you’ve got some leftover lemons from pancake day, and you’ve started thinking about Mother’s Day gifts, this could be a quick solution to use up your lemons and make a lovely homemade lemon body scrub gift.

Lemons are a great antioxidant for the skin, sugar is a great exfoliator and olive oil is a natural moisturiser. Put the three together, and you’ve got a great fresh scented body scrub.

It’s simple to make. Just mix the ingredients at ratio of:

1 lemon

1 cup sugar

1/2 cup of olive oil

Then all you have to do is find something airtight to present it in. I used an old baby food jar and stuck some coloured paper to the top, or you could paint the lid. Make a little label and tie it on with some ribbon to make your gift more attractive.

homemade lemon body scrub

This makes a lovely gift, and is a great idea for children to get involved in as they can do the mixing and help with the decorating.

Just one quick word of warning – if you suffer from broken skin this may not be ideal due to the acidity of the lemon.



How to prevent a cold – maybe!

Well, I’m no medical student, and any doctor I’ve ever spoken to says ‘colds are viral, rest and drink plenty of fluids’, and that seems to be the end of the story. However, this winter has been long and now my 3 year old is at preschool it feels like the household has been experiencing the trials of one bug followed by another. So is there anything I can do about it? Is there an answer on how to prevent a cold?

While pondering this I recalled an old wives tale which I have heard members of the ‘older generation’ pass on. Apparently, the key is to prevent the cold in the first place, and to achieve this you should hang an onion in your house. Presumably peeled. The idea being the onion attracts the virus leaving you breathing fresh clean air.

Now, I don’t know if this school of thought is traditional to Northern Ireland or not, but I do know that I have yet to meet anyone prepared to compromise the smell of their humble home to discover whether or not this theory works. In the dire grip of a winter cold of course you might be prepared to consider it. However, at that stage your nose is so stuffed up you can’t smell anything anyway. Regardless, it’s too late, the onion is a preventative measure.

If anyone else has tried this theory please let me know. Indeed, if anyone wants to give it a try I would be interested to know the results. Usually I am a fan of natural remedies, but I just can’t seem to get on board with this one.