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Keeping the Kids Clothes Clean: Vanish Review and Competition

Vanish Review

One of my least favourite chores is the laundry. It is my ground-hog day. Wash, dry, iron, put away. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Actually… stop. That item is for the bin. I know it was only bought last week, but look at the stains on that! It is definitely only fit for the bin… I’m only kidding… we don’t throw out stained clothes, we wear them in the house and just hope no-one comes to visit!

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Tips for Safe Car Journeys

I remember the first car journey with my first baby. Mr C drove, and I sat in the back, unprepared to take my eyes off my newborn for even a few minutes. The journey home was a slow one. We probably didn’t make it much over 20mph. That is how determined we were to protect this new life that we had created. I’m sure we probably Googled, tips for safe car journeys with a baby, in advance!

Of course as time went on we became less nervous. I returned to sitting in the front, and speed limits once again became something to be adhered to as opposed to something only to be reached by complete idiots!

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Preparing to be Spontaneous – Packing a Bag for Summer!

Packing for the Summer 2

Now the Summer is officially here I’m excited to see what adventures await us this year! Just jump in the car and go! Travel whichever way the wind blows! Do you do that? No? Me neither! I used to – before I had kids. Now with a nearly 2, and a 5 year old I need to be organised! That generally means I need about 48 hours notice and a small trailer for the car to manage all the “stuff” I carry around! I think I can go overboard sometimes! This year is going to be different! This year I am preparing to be spontaneous and packing a bag for summer!

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Wild and Free

T Shirt Wild and Free

What qualities does a parent look for in a child? That there are kind and caring. Independent and eager to learn. Happy, definitely something we wish for our children! Wild and free – well maybe, or maybe not! Yet never before have I came across a t-shirt which so adequately sums up the personality of my little Aaron.

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My Days at Easter

Although the school Easter holidays spanned two weeks, I hadn’t intended to take a coinciding blogging break. However, that is what happened, and it was fabulous! The first week passed in a blur as I packed our bags for a little family holiday to the North Coast of Northern Ireland. As there was snow whilst I packed, I had all our waterproofs and wellie boots at the ready! As it turned out I was wishing I packed shorts and sandals!

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