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Things to do with old baby clothes

Things to Do With Old Baby Clothes

Recently I have been trying to think of things to do with old baby clothes. I have given some to charity. I have sold some. But there are some I have kept. I adore the  idea of turning them into something else to keep and cherish in years to come. Of course, if you are looking for creative ideas, such as things to do with old baby clothes, there is one obvious place to go – Pinterest.  And that is just what I did! Here is a list of my favourite crafts using old clothes.

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Foaming volcano tutorial

Foaming Volcano Experiment

Over recent months I have seen many tutorials on how to make a volcano experiment. Given Lewis’ recent interest in the subject,  (you can read about that here), I decided we should give it a try.

As the ingredients necessary are common items you may well have them in the house. You will need:

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