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Northern Ireland Science Festival 2016

NI Science Festival 2016

The Northern Ireland Science Festival is a celebration of science, delivered via a programme of events throughout Northern Ireland. I love the concept, as I truly believe that children should be educated in a way that is fun and interesting, and makes sense in terms of the world around them.

I was thrilled to be invited by the festival organisers to attend some events, and last weekend we headed to W5 to experience the Better, Faster, Stronger showcase, and also the Elephant’s Toothpaste Science Show.

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Baked Haddock with Paprika New Potatoes

Haddock with paprika new Potatoes

When I was rummaging through my fridge wondering what to make for dinner, I hadn’t intended to produce anything worth sharing on here. However, Mr C said this baked haddock with paprika new potatoes was delicious, and since it is slimming world friendly, I thought some of my readers might like it.

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Pancake day

My February So Far: Featuring Pancakes and Pink Tops

February so far, has been much better than January! I am feeling so much more energetic, and things are starting to get done around here! I have finally managed a coat of paint in our spare room, which means I can really get everything in it’s proper place! Or at least try to – I’m not sure if it is actually achievable!

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Life Lately: Lazy Days and Longing for Sunshine

boys watching tv

Hello, hello. I know I haven’t been around much lately, but who wouldn’t take the month of January off if they could!  I have been in hibernation. I haven’t done anything to progress the house decorating. I have barely set foot outside the door unless I had to, and I have generally been a lazy bones! To be perfectly honest, the end of last year was so crazy I think I was entitled to slow the pace a little.

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