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Tips for Safe Car Journeys

I remember the first car journey with my first baby. Mr C drove, and I sat in the back, unprepared to take my eyes off my newborn for even a few minutes. The journey home was a slow one. We probably didn’t make it much over 20mph. That is how determined we were to protect this new life that we had created. I’m sure we probably Googled, tips for safe car journeys with a baby, in advance!

Of course as time went on we became less nervous. I returned to sitting in the front, and speed limits once again became something to be adhered to as opposed to something only to be reached by complete idiots!

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Bangor, A Birthday and Bread Fresh of the Griddle! #LittleLoves

Hello hello! It’s Friday again! It’s been a good week, we even had some sunshine! So without further ado here are this week’s #LittleLoves


This week I want to tell you about one of my favourite blogs. Every ambitious blogger dreams of being in the same league as the two American sisters who blog at A Beautiful Mess. These girls are professional with a capital P and they have made quite the business for themselves. If you like creativity and gorgeous photos, you need to be following this blog.

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A Day in Bangor Featuring Pickie Fun park

Ever since we accidentally stumbled upon Bangor’s Easter Parade, I have been wanting to go back and explore the town further. So I planned a day in Bangor with the kids, as I thought it would be a fun day out.  In particular I have heard good things about Pickie Fun Park, so I wanted to test it out!

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Irelands homes mag

Kites, Currants and Coats #LittleLoves

Will there ever be a week go by that I do not feel compelled to mention the weather? It’s sooo bad! Better to focus on the positives, so here is this week’s #LittleLoves.

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Redcurrant and Blackcurrant Jam

Redcurrant and Blackcurrant Jam Recipe


I so love growing some of my own fruit and vegetables. I do believe it also encourages my family to try foods that they would normally refuse. However last year I tried to get them to eat currants with their yoghurt, but they were just too tart for my families tastes. This year I decided to try a redcurrant and blackcurrant jam recipe, which I knew they would be unable to refuse.

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