Life Lately – featuring Yogland Belfast

Hello there! I’ve had an unplanned absence from my blog this week, but I thought I better let you know what’s been going on in my life lately, since I … Continue Reading →

Tall Ships Belfast 2015

#LittleLoves Featuring, Nina Simone, The Red Arrows, and Sausages…

Hello there…  I hope you are well? This week has been busy but the right kind of busy. You know where you feel like you are being productive, as opposed … Continue Reading →

How to Declutter on a Grand Scale

Moving house four times in as many years was a good eye opener as to just how much stuff Mr C and I had accumulated over the years! I was … Continue Reading →

Sausage Pasta Recipe with Easy Homemade Sauce!

I decided I needed to create a sausage pasta recipe while I was contemplating what meal I could create that would keep the whole family happy. Now that the summer … Continue Reading →

Pallet Herb Garden

#Littleloves Featuring a Herb Garden and a Heatwave!

Are you all fed up talking about this week’s heatwave? To be fair, I spent ‘that day’ on the beach where it was a pleasant 20 degrees with a steady … Continue Reading →