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Life Lately – featuring Yogland Belfast

Garden rose

Hello there! I’ve had an unplanned absence from my blog this week, but I thought I better let you know what’s been going on in my life lately, since I won’t make it to Little Loves this Friday.

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Tall Ships Belfast 2015

#LittleLoves Featuring, Nina Simone, The Red Arrows, and Sausages…

Hello there…  I hope you are well? This week has been busy but the right kind of busy. You know where you feel like you are being productive, as opposed to feeling overwhelmed and a bit useless! As usual I am linking up with Morgana to share all my #LittleLoves this week!

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How to Declutter on a Grand Scale


Moving house four times in as many years was a good eye opener as to just how much stuff Mr C and I had accumulated over the years! I was beginning to wonder if I was a hoarder! What we really needed to know was how to declutter on a grand scale! Only we insisted on moving our stuff from country to country and only skimming a little off the top with each subsequent house. Usually to make room for more stuff, or to replace the stuff we couldn’t find that was still packed in boxes!

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Sausage Pasta Recipe with Easy Homemade Sauce!

Sausage Pasta Recipe

I decided I needed to create a sausage pasta recipe while I was contemplating what meal I could create that would keep the whole family happy. Now that the summer is here, there is a definite preference for the adults to have salad instead of vegetables. However, my kids will not eat a salad for dinner. One will eat some tomato, one will eat some cucumber, but as a general rule, I could not set them down a salad for a meal.

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Pallet Herb Garden

#Littleloves Featuring a Herb Garden and a Heatwave!

Are you all fed up talking about this week’s heatwave? To be fair, I spent ‘that day’ on the beach where it was a pleasant 20 degrees with a steady fresh breeze! It was very nice though! I could happily do it every week! Here’s what else I have been enjoying this week!

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