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Preparing to be Spontaneous – Packing a Bag for Summer!

Packing for the Summer 2

Now the Summer is officially here I’m excited to see what adventures await us this year! Just jump in the car and go! Travel whichever way the wind blows! Do you do that? No? Me neither! I used to – before I had kids. Now with a nearly 2, and a 5 year old I need to be organised! That generally means I need about 48 hours notice and a small trailer for the car to manage all the “stuff” I carry around! I think I can go overboard sometimes! This year is going to be different! This year I am preparing to be spontaneous and packing a bag for summer!

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Damhead Railway Coleraine

Damhead railway Coleraine


During our stay on the North Coast in April, we saw an advertisement for Damhead Railway. This attraction is only open on certain days throughout the year, and having never been before I thought my two boys would enjoy it.

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Glass of Rose wine

#LittleLoves featuring Kimmy Schmidt and Kool Hats!

Just two more weeks until school breaks up, and it feels like it might actually be Summer. I have abandoned my dream of having my building work complete by the end of the month, but it was probably a tad unrealistic anyway! I hope you have all been having a great week? And just so you know – I know that cool, spelt kool, is not cool. But I like a bit of alliteration – so kalm down!

Here are all my Little Loves:

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Easy Macaroni Cheese Recipe


Step by Step Macaroni Cheese Recipe

I remember the first time I almost made macaroni cheese. I was working in the Student Union at University and we had run out. My colleague said, “Make more”, but I didn’t know an easy macaroni cheese recipe. She said, “Just make a roux and add milk and cheese”. Needless to say, she made it and I watched.

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Graham and Brown Collection

Decorating with Graham and Brown

Now that my building work is progressing nicely, I have purchased nearly everything I need in terms of fixtures and fittings. This means I can start to turn my mind to the more exciting task of choosing decorative items! In fact, when Graham and Brown offered to help me out it meant I had to do just that!

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