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Spring has sprung! #LittleLoves

Hurrah, the school holidays are here! Well, they will be at the stroke of noon! I think we are all ready for the break! And although I doubt I will get any long lies, at least I will be able to take my time over my morning coffee! This has been another manic week, and once again I have sat down far too late to consider this post, so it’s gonna be short and sweet! Here goes:

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Lessons in LIfe

Lessons in Life

I had to attend a parent teacher interview recently. They occur regularly to allow the Primary 1 teacher and I time to sit down and talk about how Lewis is progressing in class. He is doing great. He really is… but, I left with the realisation that my son is not a child genius. However, since then I have been talking to some other P1 mums. It turns out, none of their children are child geniuses either! In fact, I suspect that all of the children in P1 could improve upon their skill set somewhat. I guess it probably comes with the territory of being in P1.

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Fireman Lewis

Lewis Rules This Week’s #LittleLoves!

Hello hello! Before starting this post I reflected back over the last week, and it has been crazy! So many good things have made me smile this week. And some not so good things have occurred also… but I’m not going to dwell on them! Instead I am as usual linking up with Morgana at But Why Mummy Why to share my #LittleLoves. Here goes:

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Cadbury Mini Creme Egg Make-Over

Decorate Cadbury Mini Creme Egg

Give a Cadbury Mini Creme Egg a Make-Over? Why would anyone do such a thing? I know, I know – those little guys are pretty fab, just the way they are. However, if you can make something better by adding sprinkles then why not?

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Novel, Jack Reacher, Personal

Friends and Fancy Foods #LittleLoves

Hello there! My this has been a short week! I think the fact that I was away visiting friends last weekend has thrown me out of sync! It was lovely to catch up with a very very dear friend of mine. She doesn’t read my blog though, this dear friend of mine. Her words were, ‘Don’t you just write about Daz or something and then get a year’s free supply of washing powder?’  No – to be honest my blog isn’t really like that! However, Daz, if you’re reading – I would be totally up for that! With two young kids that’s gotta be worth about a million pounds! Otherwise, here’s this week’s Little Loves:

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