powder snowballs

Snow Days and #LittleLoves

I am seriously considering changing the name of these posts to ‘How the weather has affected my week!’ This one is not boring old rain and wind though. It’s snow! Proper … Continue Reading →

My Days NI – A Year of Blogging!

Happy 1st Birthday My Days NI!! I feel like I should get you a present! A new computer, camera or graphic designer perhaps? (Don’t worry Mr C, I’m only kidding!) It … Continue Reading →

Pears, tantrums and books! #LittleLoves

I promised myself I would not start of another Little Loves talking about the weather! So I won’t – I’ll save it for later in the post! I am kind … Continue Reading →

where do socks go

Where Do All The Socks Go?

I know the question, ‘Where do all the socks go,’ is not exactly new. The general response is that the washing machine eats them! Well, I think the washing machine … Continue Reading →

Lots of new #LittleLoves

Hello there! Is everybody and their home still standing? It would blow you away this week! Literally! I quite like a good storm when I’m all snuggled up indoors, but … Continue Reading →