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powder snowballs

Snow Days and #LittleLoves

I am seriously considering changing the name of these posts to ‘How the weather has affected my week!’ This one is not boring old rain and wind though. It’s snow! Proper proper snow! Eckkk..

Fasten your seatbelts, it’s time for this weeks Little Loves!  (Makes it sound like it’s going to be exciting doesn’t it? – It is exciting! It features snow!):

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My Days NI – A Year of Blogging!

Happy 1st Birthday My Days NI!!

I feel like I should get you a present! A new computer, camera or graphic designer perhaps? (Don’t worry Mr C, I’m only kidding!)

It feels like much more than a year ago that I set up my blog. A blog about how I spend My Days here in Northern Ireland. The things my wee family get up to, and, as it turned out, quite a bit of rambling.

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Pears, tantrums and books! #LittleLoves

I promised myself I would not start of another Little Loves talking about the weather! So I won’t – I’ll save it for later in the post! I am kind of hoping January would just hurry up and sod off though. I think it really is the dullest month of the year. One must keep going though and it’s not all blue. I have a list of Little Loves which have been cheering me up:

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where do socks go

Where Do All The Socks Go?

I know the question, ‘Where do all the socks go,’ is not exactly new. The general response is that the washing machine eats them! Well, I think the washing machine has become a bit of a scapegoat. I don’t think there is any great mystery to missing socks. I think they are usually in the general location of where my two young kids and hubby leave them! And that can be, just about anywhere! However, it is frustrating, but I am here to help! Here are my top tips of places to look for that elusive missing odd sock:

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Lots of new #LittleLoves

Hello there! Is everybody and their home still standing? It would blow you away this week! Literally! I quite like a good storm when I’m all snuggled up indoors, but the weather has been harsh all week, and life must go on. Well, the school run must go on, at least! Actually, I think I’ve had quite a productive week! So, roll up, roll up, and read all about it in this week’s Little Loves!

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