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Kitchen larder with built in appliances

Love the Little Things #6

I don’t know about you, but every morning this week I have woken to a frost kissed view! It looks all lovely and crisp and clean, as if the weather has also decided to embrace the festive Season! And then I go outside, try not to fall down the front door steps and have to start scrapping ice off the car windscreen. The can of de-icer is so cold to the touch, it actually does the opposite of what it says on the tin – causing my fingers to become fearful of gangrene onset they are so cold!

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Love The Little Things #5

Another manic week in our little household, hopefully the last one for a while. At least the rain has stopped for the most part, for which the ends of my trousers are thankful! I have managed to catch the occasional moment to myself though, so keep reading for all this weeks little loves…

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Love The Little Things #4

As I sit here the night before publishing this post, it is occurring to me that I really should plan better. I am wondering if I have indeed, read, watched, made or wore anything (other than jeans and a jumper) which would be of any interest to anyone! Not to mention the lack of photographs! Only one way to find out – here goes with all the little things I have been loving this week!

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Tips for Winter Survival

Winter Survival Guide

As happens every year, it is again forecast that we in the UK and Ireland are to experience one of the worst winters known to our generation! I’m not overly concerned, but I have decided to draw up a little Winter Survival Guide. A to-do list of sorts detailing all the things I can prepare to make sure my little family can cope with whatever nature throws at us.

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Love The Little Things #3

The thing I enjoy most about Love The Little Things is the concept. The idea that it is all the little things in life that add up to bring us joy and happy memories. I failed a little last week. I didn’t join in. Last week was pants, and that is all I’m saying about it! It happens sometimes right? But, this week I am picking myself up, dusting myself off, and I’m back to share all those little moments that have made me smile this week!

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