Funny Supermarket Queue

The Supermarket Queue

The art of the supermarket queue… isn’t it great that we live in such a civilised society that everyone knows the etiquette involved in the simple, but oh so effective … Continue Reading →

Handwriting Books

Penpals at Home Review

With Lewis starting school this is the perfect time for us to spend more time practicing his handwriting. I really hoped the Penpals at Home range from Cambridge University Press would … Continue Reading →

Dettol Mission for Health

Keep The Memories, Not the Bacteria

I get countless emails daily from people and companies wanting me to publish articles on my blog. Usually I disregard them, but this campaign, Keep The Memories, Not The Bacteria really … Continue Reading →

Are Women Better Parents Than Men?

I have been meaning to join in with The Prompt for some time, and now, when I finally get around to it, I am faced with this question. ‘Are women … Continue Reading →

Why I don't eat blackberries of the bush

Why I Don’t Eat Blackberries Off the Bush

Although there are many edible foods growing free in the wild, blackberries have to be one of the most popular! They grow in abundance in hedgerows, and at the bottom of … Continue Reading →