Monthly Archives: April 2014

clementsmount farm

Clementsmount Fun Farm

I have been wanting to go to Clementsmount Fun Farm for a while now. Their website looks great and shows lots of fun activities within the grounds. The weather was dry and sunny so off we set.

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learning to ride a bike

Bicycle Fever is Catching for Giro d’Italia

I’m sure everyone in Northern Ireland is aware of the looming Giro d’Italia start which is happening in May. For those of you who don’t know, this is the Italian equivalent of the Tour de France, or in really simple terms, a bicycle riding competition. It’s not really my cup of tea…

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Bangor Easter Parade

By a chance of fate we found ourselves 10 miles outside Bangor on Easter Monday, and knowing it’s reputation as a seaside town I suggested we take a little drive to see what we could find. Had I known they had an Easter fun day in full swing, I would have been more prepared. As it was we spent about an hour stuck in traffic trying to find a parking space. Not the best start, but we were determined to have a good time! We fought our way through the jostling crowds down to the quieter harbour. Having never been here before I have to say the scene was beautiful. I could have been standing on a pier in France, had I not known better.

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World of Owls

This Easter weekend I discovered a gem of a place called World of Owls. It’s situated in Randalstown, on the outskirts of Antrim, and I can’t believe I haven’t been before.
World of Owls is a charity organisation, homing owls, birds of prey, and some small animals. Located within Randalstown forest, the setting itself exudes a magical air which makes you feel like you just walked into a story book. Indeed I would not have been surprised to stumble upon a gingerbread house!

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lough neagh easter

Lough Neagh Shore Antrim

This Easter we decided to go to the  Lough Neagh Shore at Antrim to roll our hard boiled eggs for Easter. Rolling hard boiled eggs until they crack, and eating the contents for lunch, is something I have fond memories of doing as a child. Now  that I’m an adult however, I have some issues with all the ‘nature’ that ends up stuck to them when they split open!

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